Government 2.0

Legal Alerts is Gov 2.0 implemented for the legal profession

If you have not heard of it, you will hear about it soon:  Government 2.0 is approaching.  What is Government 2.0?  Consider the definition provided by for the recent Government 2.0a conference in Oklahoma City: 

Gov 2.0 stands for Government 2.0, the application of increased connectivity and new technologies to better help government achieve its goals by being transparent, participatory and collaborative. The benefits of this approach include increased efficiency, improved services, greater accessibility of public services, as well as more accountability.

Gov 2.0 is about improving government through the use of technology.  Reducing paperwork, reducing or eliminating expenses and making government more accessible to everyone.

According to the Oklahoma Policy Blog, Oklahoma is pushing forward with Gov 2.0 with an open data website at Governor Mary Fallin was the keynote speaker at the recent Gov 2.0a conference where she spoke about IT consolidation, which will make government operations more efficient and collect useful datasets to make them available for public use.

Our product, Legal Alerts is firmly in the center of the Gov 2.0 effort:  Legal Alerts uses publicly available data put out by the Oklahoma State Court Networks to provide automatic notifications for attorneys when events happen in their cases.  Its like Google Alerts for the legal profession.