Legalized Software designs solutions for legal professionals that are easy to use, affordable and tailored to be used by lawyers practicing law.  All of our solutions are web-based which means they are accessible from anywhere you can get on the internet.

Legalized Software was founded by:

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RB Bruce is a graduate of the Oklahoma State University and an experienced and cutting-edge software engineer and web entrepreneur.  He is the founder of Reality Software, LLC which has produced products such as Yackall, new way to communicate with a group of friends while on the go. RB resides in Oklahoma City.




Shawn J. Roberts is a practicing attorney in Edmond, Oklahoma and technology enthusiast.  Shawn curates www.shawnjroberts.com and is the creator and host of the podcast "Estate Planning Demystified" as well as a former co- host of the Married with Tech and The Love of Tech podcasts.





Legalized Software is proudly based in Oklahoma City.

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