Legal Alerts

What We Do
We offer a tool called Legal Alerts for lawyers to be notified via email of docket updates to cases on the Oklahoma State Court Network website.
How We Do It
We monitor the Oklahoma State Court Network for updates to cases that you care about. Once a case has been updated, you will receive an email with the updates listed.

"Legal Alerts is Gov 2.0 implemented for the legal profession"


for Legal Alerts
  • Saves Time
  • Simple Notifications
  • Easy Setup

We offer software services for lawyers and those who are involved in the legal field. We utilize the latest in software development and open standards to help our clients. The rise of the Government 2.0 (read more) movement has increased awareness of the vast amount of data sets that are available from local, state, and federal government. We build tools and platforms to utilize these newly liberated data sets.